Beazley medal: Winners of WA’s top secondary education award announced

Two public school students have taken out the top honours in the WA secondary education awards for 2014.

Jamin Wu from Perth Modern School won the Beazley Medal: WA Certificate of Education for receiving the highest scaled score across five subjects in the state.

Robert Rubery from Applecross Senior High School won the Beazley Medal: Vocational Education and Training for his strong performance in a VET program.

Jamin, 16, is one of the youngest winners in the award’s 30-year history.

He said he could not quantify the hours he spent studying during his final exams but said it was no more than previous years.

“It’s really not about the time,” he said.

“It’s kind of the efficiency of how you study, and like the commitment and the effort and I think, in terms of time, it’s not really been much of a factor for me that I’ve had to consider it.”

Robert Rubery and Jamin Wu,  Beazley Medal winners 2014

Jamin is planning to study medicine at university but has not decided where that will be yet.

He said taking breaks during study was important.

“I like to play music as a way of relieving stress and taking a break from all the studies,” he said.

“I play piano and violin but my violin’s pretty bad so I usually resort to piano.”

VET winner Robert, 17, combined school studies with one day per week of work experience and one day of study per week at TAFE in his chosen area of information technology.

“I have a feeling winning this Beazley Medal will open a few more doors for me,” he said.

“It was quite tough juggling TAFE, like I’d get assignments from there, plus trying to achieve all A’s in my subjects at school, but I found time for friends and all that and I had a great social life, and all in all, a great secondary school experience.”

Education Minister Peter Collier presented the winners with their awards today and congratulated all students who had completed their secondary education in 2014.

“We have more students going into public schools than ever before and it just reflects the vibrancy and the dynamic nature of our education system,” he said.

The schools with the highest number of general exhibition winners for individual subject areas were Hale School (7), Perth Modern School (6) and Christ Church Grammar School (6).


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