IIT-Delhi director’s fate stuck in limbo

NEW DELHI: The HRD ministry seems to be in no mood to complete the formalities of accepting the resignation of IIT Delhi director RK Shevgaonkar any time soon. Delay beyond January 7 will mean that Shevgaonkar will not get a course to teach for at least six months in IIT, Bombay from where he came to Delhi.

Teachers for the course for the new semester will be decided by January 7.

Meanwhile, the ministry is readying itself by preparing a case against Shevgaonkar on the Mauritius issue. Sources said IIT-Delhi has furnished all the details that the ministry wanted. “An attempt is being made to make Shevgaonkar personally responsible for the memorandum of understanding with the Mauritius institute. “The ministry has prepared a note against Shevgaonkar and is debating how to initiate action against him,” one HRD source said. Technically, the ministry will have to seek permission of the President who is the visitor and appointing authority.


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Within IIT-Delhi, Shevgaonkar enjoys immense support of faculty and students. A senior faculty member said, “Director should be treated with dignity. Keeping his resignation in limbo will harm the institute and further strain the relationship between ministry and IIT. No one believes allegations against him. He has been transparent about the MoU.”

In order to show that it is being fair, the HRD ministry has also started deliberations on possible action against UGC chairperson Ved Prakash who is alleged to have travelled to Mauritius without political clearance and signed an MoU without the ministry’s knowledge. A detailed note against him prepared earlier is being studied. A sources said, “Any Action against Shevgaonkar can be questioned if the UGC chairperson is let off.”


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