Want to learn new skills this year? You might not get the chance

British employees are dissatisfied with the training they get from their employers, with less than half of them saying they get enough opportunities to develop their skills.

A poll has revealed that just 48pc of staff agree that companies and organisations do enough to teach them new skills and that one in six believe the private sector now offers less training than it did a decade ago.

Those working in the public sector are far happier with the training available, and are 62pc more likely to feel their employer is doing enough.

The findings come in research from support services group Interserve, which commissioned the study to understand how the public views big business.

The results make worrying reading for companies trying to hold on to staff, especially as the survey revealed that after pay, training and development is the single most important factor that staff consider when looking at a potential employer.

Training is such a big concern that two-thirds of the more than 2,000 people questioned said they thought the Government should impose minimum targets for companies on the development opportunities they offer employees.

And despite the Government’s attempts to push apprenticeships to reduce youth unemployment and tackle the growing skills shortage, less than a fifth of respondents said they thought business provided enough opportunities for the training schemes.


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