EdTech Survey Focuses on Teachers’ Content Preferences for 2015

The new year is here, and an edtech survey asked its teachers what type of content they’d like to explore in 2015.

“Classroom technologies continue to be a main focus for edtech readers, according to our findings,” said the article on Smartblogs.com. “Eighty-five percent of respondents state these technologies – including learning tools and apps, learning spaces, interactive whiteboards, projectors and the like – are a priority for 2015. More than a third of readers – or 35% — are looking for tools that support collaborative and project-based learning.”

According to the article when teachers were asked about content, “an overwhelming majority of respondents – 88% — stated they want more stories with feedback from students. Forty-two percent reported that stories with tips and how-tos are the most helpful in their work. Another 36% stated the same for case studies and whitepapers.”

A full breakdown of the findings followed

What’s your edtech priority for 2015?

  1. Classroom technologies [learning apps/tools, learning spaces, interactive white boards, projectors, etc]: 85%
  • Collaborative and project-based learning: 35%
  • Learning space design: 8%
  • Personalized learning, competency-based learning: 16%
  • Online learning, blended learning, flipped classrooms: 18%
  • Social media: 4%
  1. Campus IT infrastructure [security, cloud computing, data centers, etc]: 11%
  • Security: 13%
  • Cloud computing: 4%
  1. Administrative technologies [student information systems, retention/recruitment, facilities, student affairs, etc]: 4%

What type of content is most helpful to you in your work?

  • Tips, how-to stories: 42%
  • Case studies and white papers: 36%
  • Web events [webinars and virtual events]: 14%
  • Podcasts: 8%

Would you like to hear more from students?

  • Yes: 88%
  • No: 12%

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