Options abound: Few short-term courses to make a career in IT

Short-term certificate courses in varied domains of information technology (IT) and computing offer professionals an opportunity to develop their knowledge relevant to industry needs. The courses, chiefly offered by private autonomous institutes across the country, are changing the dynamics of learning. Some courses need students to have a science background as a prerequisite while most others are inter-disciplinary. Each course may be pursued at the beginner’s level and depending on students’ interest and ability to grasp the concepts, they can progress to higher levels. Here are a few courses students can consider.


Almost all computer training institutes offer courses in computer languages starting with C, C++, C sharp, Java and Oracle. Certificate programmes in Java and Oracle, following internationally recognised curricula, complete with online exams.


The mobile apps programme is meant for those who understand Java programming. Android, backed by Google Inc, is a growing open source mobile device platform, which is powered by the Linux operating system. Students are trained to develop frameworks using C++ Java and XML. The programme includes working with graphics, multimedia connectivity and location-based services. In addition, learners are taught to debug, deploy and test mobile applications.


This course blends skills that include core IT and cloud technology. Students learn about several aspects like business system infor mation management, infrastructure management system and software engineering that helps develop programming skills. The CDM programme in digital marketing covers topics like paid and unpaid use of social sites as marketing tools.


With more users wanting to access their applications from a variety of devices, Microsoft introduced Windows 8, which allows developers to build Windows Store apps using C #, helping students learn to leverage a common platform to link all devices.


offers internationally recognised certifications.There are many certificate programmes, focusing on areas related to networking knowledge in technologies such as security, data centre or video. The Industrial Networking Specialist has modules dealing with setting up internal and external communicating systems. The cyber security certification is gaining importance with the rising number of hacking incidents.


The SAP certification is one of the most valued specialisations since it has comprehensive programmes on IT applications for business.


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