Pashto and Dari popular with Indian students at JNU

New Delhi: Many students in India are eagerly learning Dari and Pashto languages at the prestigious Jawaharlal Lal Nehru University (JNU) here to seek a bright future.

Pashto and Dari languages were introduced in the JNU some four decades ago as part of the cultural exchange programme between India and Afghanistan. Persian, Uzbek, Dari, Pashto and Tazik languages are being taught in JNU since 1970 under the central Asian language programme.

At present, the varsity has 200 students pursuing Persian, Dari and Tazik, and 40 students are pursuing the Pashto language.

The faculty for Central Asian studies is appointed from Kabul University and the University Grants Commission (UGC).

“The kind of literature today we see in Afghanistan though it is full of lamentations, pathos because of certain insurgencies but we admire that look people have the courage to speak freely and this is the quality of a literature and quality of a litterateur,” said Prof Ainul Hassan, the chairperson for Center for Persian and Central Asian studies in JNU.

“And we whole-heartedly support it and we believe whatever may be the political situation, whatever insurgency and insurgent ideas may be there in Afghanistan but one day sun will emerge and that will bring bright light in Afghanistan,” he added.

The Central Asian languages provide ample of opportunities to the students in India.

“In India, Pashto is a developing language and it is rising very fast. For the mode of vacancy, we students are looking for a good designation and this language can give me a better designation in Central Government of India jobs,” said Ambalika, a student who has completed advanced diploma in Pashto language.

“Pashto language is a native language of Afghanistan and the importance of this language is immense in India. The students can get opportunities by learning Pashto language. The relation between India and Afghanistan is very historic and it will continue in the future. Learning the Afghan language is important to know more about India and Afghanistan relations,” said Syed Ul Rehman, a student.

The Pashto language programme is running successfully as more students are enrolling for this course.

With the growing business and political ties between India and Afghanistan, the career in languages seems bright. It also helps to develop people to people contact between both countries.


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