Private Schools in MP to Have Fee Regulatory Authority

In response to a contempt petition, MP High Court has given two weeks of time to the State Government to constitute fee regulatory authority for private schools. The HC has asked State Government to regulate the existing fees structure in aided and unaided private schools.

Senior activist and Petitioner PG Najpandey has said that they had requested the court for setting up the regulatory authority with effect from the upcoming academic session, March-April. And in response to this the State Government had submitted a report that it was in the process of framing the regulation.

Thereafter, despite a court order of 07 April 2014, where the MPHC had asked the petitioner to submit representation to the school education department for constitution of fees regulatory committee, the school education department did not take any impressive action.

The State Government had contemplated to form a committee in this regard to examine school fees and related issues in the year 2009, however till date no such substantial and effective measures have been taken in this regard.

Prior to this MPHC had directed the State Government to present their decision by 16 January 2015. And on Friday, double bench of Justice Rajendra Menon and Justice Rajendra Mahajan gave the ultimatum for constituting the fee regulatory authority.

Important Points

  • MPHC gave ultimatum to State Govt for forming fees regulatory authority in schools.
  • Double bench of Justice Rajendra Menon and Justice Rajendra Mahajan released the order on 16 January 2015.
  • The committee has been contemplated since 2009, but hasn’t been formed yet


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