Nagpur gets first CBSE-i affiliated school

NAGPUR: Nagpur is probably the only tier-II city in India which boasts of all major school boards. The city has schools affiliated to state board, ICSE, CBSE and IB. It also had an IGCSE board school which wound up last academic session. The latest entrant is the new CBSE-i curriculum which Jain International School will be offering from the 2015-16 academic session.

Principal of the school Anmol Badjatia said, “There are only 80 schools in India which have been given permission to start the CBSE-i curriculum and ours is the only one in entire Vidarbha. This curriculum offers the best of both worlds – of CBSE and international boards. CBSE-i is 70% local and 30% global which will offer the perfect balanced academic platform.”

CBSE-i does have a unique approach towards academics and that is evident from the primary section itself. “For Class I and II we do not give grades, but only emoticons. So there is a smiley, another one with a lesser degree of smile and then finally no smile. From Class III onwards we do have exams but they are again a complete evaluation system with four formative and two summative assessments. It is a very different concept. There are no books till Class V as all the teaching material is available online to us. Yes, there will be printed manuals for parents, so that they are aware of what is going on in school,” said Badjatia.

School director Anuj Badjate said, “It is often reported in the media that only 20% of our students are employable. So it is important that we provide vocational skills to students right from the school level. CBSE-i has included in its curriculum subjects like life skills, perspectives which will provide an overall growth of a student.”

CBSE-i adjusts perfectly between the international style and Indian board curriculum. Badjatia said, “Books start from Class VI which helps students gear up for the traditional system. Also this curriculum will help students when they appear for medical and engineering entrance exams. This was an issue with the other international boards because students were not prepared for this change.”

While international boards in the city have not done too well, director Badjate is convinced that this time it will be different. “CBSE-i will still give a great chance to students who decide to continue in the Indian universities as the system is not that different,” said Badjate.

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