NSE to participate in Kolkata Book Fair

KOLKATA: The National Stock Exchange (NSE) Tuesday said it will participate in next month’s International Kolkata Book Fair for spreading awareness about capital trading.

“We are fully committed to creating awareness in Kolkata and the East to encourage people to invest in productive assets, so that they can manage their finances better and build a prosperous future,” the Stock Exchange’s business development head Ravi Varanasi said here.

“The Kolkata book fair offers us a unique opportunity to simultaneously reach out to lakhs of people who visit the fair from Kolkata and the neighbouring areas.”

He said investors will also be advised on their rights and obligations and made aware of products like Nifty exchange traded funds (ETF’s), through which it is possible for retail investors to invest small amounts at a time and get good long term returns.

“NSE officials will conduct interesting quiz shows at the NSE stall to engage with the visitors and provide information on key topics like financial planning and financial products. Prizes will also be given on the spot at regular intervals”, the company said.

Officials will also interact with the visitors to make them aware about the precautions they should take while trading, such as avoiding market rumours and not getting lured by promises of exceptionally high returns.

The exchange has also collaborated with Rashtriya Madhyamik Siksha Abhijan in Assam for introduction of financial literacy courses at secondary level classes in the state which will cover 54 schools in 27 districts.

It has also partnered with Nagaland Board of School Education for introduction of financial market management courses.


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