Mixed affair

Students get glimpses of national and international art trends at a fair in Delhi Students got glimpses of national and interna tional art trends at the seventh edition of the India Art Fair, held in Delhi last week. Varsha Masih, a class X student, discovered the expanding boundaries of the field, captured in 85 galleries showcasing a breadth of modern and contemporary art practices, including painting, sculpture, new media, installation and performance art. Amazed at the range of mediums artists work on, she said, the event was an eye-opener. “I learnt that art is not just limited to drawing on a sheet of paper.The artists have used a variety of mediums. Now, I want to try designing on fabric,” she says.

Sarika Khurana, an art teacher accompanying the group of students, said bringing students face-toface with practitioners of different arts changed their perception altogether. While at school, children were fa miliar with water colours, painting on canvas, printmaking, and modelling, they could now see artists using traditional resources as well as employing new mediums or combining the old with the new, she said.

To allow visitors the experience of seeing an art work in progress, artists Chitra Ganesh and Dhruvi Acharya collaborated on a live project to paint during the fair. “The project is inspired by the physical and psychic transformation of the body as it ages. We will be painting our reflections on encounters with the fragility of life, the inevitable process of ageing, illness and mortality,” said Ganesh.

Neha Kirpal, founding director, India Art Fair, said, “The fair presents a balanced range of contemporary, modern and classical art, engaging an increasingly broad audience. There is something for everyone and that is what is needed. It acts as a catalyst for progress, driving a deeper understanding of the country’s artistic history as well as the latest contemporary work from across India stimulating dialogue and debate, not only with art specialists, but with the wider public and collectors of tomorrow.”


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